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During the Supper

Karl-Heinz (Klaus Pfefferkorn) and David (Stefan Becker) at their last supper

A futile attempt of reconciliation

A futile attempt of reconciliation: David (Stefan Becker) and Karl-Heinz (Klaus Pfefferkorn)

The boys are having fun

The boys are having fun

Karl-Heinz has a plan

Karl-Heinz (Klaus Pfefferkorn) has a plan

David invites to the party

David (Stefan Becker) invites to the big party


During a dinner, a gay man takes a shrewd revenge on his unfaithful lover. Longing, the feeling of safety, freedom: Relationships can be difficult, and sometimes comes together what doesn’t quite fit. In this 18 minute fictional short film, typical male behaviour leads to drastic measures…


Drama, 2002, 17’22”, Digital Betacam, 16:9, Colour, Stereo


Nice Karl-Heinz and his good-looking lover David live together in Karl-Heinz’ apartment. David enjoys being cooked and cared for, but being faithful, which he at one point promised, is a thing of the past. Again and again he cheats on Karl-Heinz, who cannot stand it any longer and spontaneously decides to visit his mother. She is not at home and one thing after another goes wrong. When he returns to his flat in the early hours of the morning, he is surprised to find David in the middle of an orgy.
Frantic with anger, he plans his shrewd revenge. He cooks an elaborate dinner which David mis-understands as a reconciliatory gesture – until Karl-Heinz’ plan unfolds…


The film is available via CFMDC: to the CFMDC website, „Last Supper“


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Film festivals

 1 Philadelphia International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival  
World premiere
11.-22. July 2002 
 2 Rhode Island International Film Festival
Here, we got nominated!
7.-12. August 2002
3 7th North Carolina Annual Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
8.-11. August 2002
4 Austin Gay and Lesbian Int'l Film Festival
22. August -
2. September 2002
5 Pride Week
Goethe-Institut, Johannesburg, South Africa
24. September 2002
6 Reel Affirmations: Int'l Gay & Lesb. Film Festival
17.-27. October 2002
7 OUT TAKES Dallas Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
8.-14. November 2002
8 Long Island Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
New York/USA
14.-17. November 2002
9 Out Far! 7th Annual Phoenix International
Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
14.-16. February 2003
10 17th London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
European Premiere
2.-16. April 2003
11 Palm Beach International Film Festival
3.-10. April 2003
12 Mostra Lambda Barcelona
International Gay & Lesbian Film Exhibition
4.-10. July 2003
13 Vinokino 2003
12th Lesbian & Gay Film Festival Finland
6.-9. November 2003
14 Queer Zagreb
25.-30. April 2004
15 Pink Screens
3rd Pink Screens Festival
7.-16. May 2004