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in the Golden Triangle

Bernhard Beutler, Cameraman

in Germany’s coal mining area


Mainly, Bernhard Beutler works as a freelance cameraman. If the job requires or the customer requests it, filmriss offers further services for TV stations and professional film / TV productions. Especially we provide camera teams (ENG teams / video teams) with equipment, sound engineer and, if needed, further personnel. This service is provided by experienced professionals and is available in Berlin, Germany as a whole, and world wide.

For good reasons we don’t have our own equipments. Instead we rent whatever is required. Thus, we are not limited to a certain akquisition format or equipment. A further advantage of this concept is that we are familiar with all, even the newest, systems. Due to our long-term partnership with our providers, we are able to get (almost) any equipment for a reasonable price.

Available equipment (and experience in operating it):

Available services: