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Bernhard Beutler, Kameramann, in the coal mining area of east Germany

In the coal mining area of east Germany

Bernhard Beutler, Cameraman, filming Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt

Bernhard Beutler, Berlin-based cameraman, filming Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt, during the Arab Spring

Resumé/ Filmography

Personal details

Name: Bernhard P. Beutler, BVFK
Address: Leinestraße 48
D-12049 Berlin
Telephone: +49-30-627 09 811
Mobile phone: +49-172-962 962 8
Telefax: +49-30-627 09 237
Email: office (a) filmriss (d) tv
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Year and place of birth: 1968 in Siegen, Northrhine-Westfalia, Germany
Languages: German (native), English (fluent), French (basic)



Year Education/Activity
2017 Refresher training “Tactical First Aid in War Zones and Areas of Crisis”
CTC Medical GmbH, Berlin
2016 Appointment as Examiner for Camera, Edit, and Sound Engineers by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Berlin, Germany
2015 Vice President of BVFK (German Society of Television Cameramen)
2015 Certified Cameraman by BVFK (German Society of Television Cameramen)
2015 Advanced training “Tactical First Aid in War Zones and Areas of Crisis”
CTC Medical GmbH, Berlin
2014 Awarded “Best film by a German filmmaker or a filmmaker residing in Germany” by the film festival XXIX. Black International Cinema for the documentary “Joaquin La Habana – LivingBetweenWorlds”
2012 Refresher Course “First Aid in War Zones”
bonowi, Mainz, Germany
2012 Workshop “Production according to the ‘Loudness’-rules R128 of EBU” bpm/RTW, Berlin
2010 Member of the German Society of Television Cameramen (BVFK)
2007 Seminar High Definition “Hands on HD” Master class, Instructor: Michael Ballhaus, ASC; nordmedia/bandpro
2007 “Advanced Camera Stabilisation” (Advanced training Steadicam), Sachtler Academy Munich
Instructor: Curt O. Schaller, bvk
2006 Qualification as EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) includes qualification for early defibrillation
2004/2005 Living abroad, Second home in Johannesburg, South Africa
2004 Advanced Training “Protection and Behaviour in Areas of Crisis” in Wildflecken, Department of Defense, Germany
Qualified to work as a cameraman and journalist in war zones with high intensity hostile action
2003 Training Steadicam operator Film School Vienna
Passed with certificate
2003 Workshop on High Definition production
nordmedia/Sony, Hamburg, Germany
2003 Worked in Iraq during the war for ZDF as cameraman and editor
2003 Basic Training “Protection and Behaviour in Areas of Crisis” in Hammelburg,
Department of Defense, Germany
since 2000 Working as freelance cameraman for ZDF, ARD, NDR, tm3, RTL2, MTV and various production companies
2000 Foundation of filmriss as film production and broadcast service company
2000 Worked first as assistant cameraman, then as cameraman for Zoom GmbH Cologne/Berlin, documentary/news/magazines
2000 Internship with the fictional TV series “Klinikum Berlin Mitte” (Prod.: Novamedia, Munich/Phoenix Film, Berlin, for Pro7)
ab 1998 Classes at Film School Hamburg e.V., Germany
Instructor Light and Director of Photography: Wolfgang Treu, bvk,
Instructor Directing: Jürgen Haase
1997 Foundation of na logo! as service company for graphics design, photography, and advertising agency. Art Director for the boulevard print magazine „Ein Kessel Buntes“, Burda-Verlag. Freelance graphics designer and photographer, photos were printed in various books and magazines.
since 1989 additionally various engagements as sound and light engineer for live performances, permanent sound engineer of the group „Rosenstolz“;
assignments as composer for experimental films by Michael Brynntrup, shown in the Museum of Modern Arts, New York
1988 Moved to Berlin, then working as employee, mostly in computer-related businesses, as graphics designer, later in marketing department and head of public relations.
1988 finished school in Siegen, West-Germany. Passed Advanced Level, average of marks 1.8


Year Title Film & TV (excerpt) Task TV station/ Customer
2017 Reports from Libya, covering refugees and travel routes Cameraman/Editor ZDF/West­end TV
2017 “A Perfect Heist”: Fictional Short Movie [Watch the video] Director of Photography MET Film School/ Paul Becker
2015 Reports from areas of crisis: Hungary and Iraq, concerning the refugee crisis Cameraman/Editor ZDF/West­end TV
2015 Music CD: “Joaquín La Habana: My Own Free Way”
[more information about the CD]
Composer, Music Producer, Photographer, Graphic Design Ahoi Tunes
2015 Prime Minister Modi in Berlin Cameraman/Editor Times Now (India)
2014 Reports in war zones: Iraq, Ukraine Cameraman/Editor ZDF/West­end TV
2013 “Familienfälle: Der eingebildete Kranke”
Soap/ Scripted Reality
Cameraman Sat.1/filmpool
2013 “Joaquin La Habana – LivingBetweenWorlds”
Feature-length documentary
[Watch the trailer/ Information about the film]
Screenplay, Director of Photography,
Director, Editor
2012 „Abenteuer Arte: Lise Meitner – mother of the nuclear bomb“
Documentary with re-enactment
Gaffer (Chief Lighting Technician) for fictional scenes (reenactment) in Berlin arte/West­end TV
2012 “Familienfälle: Frau versucht nach Haftentlassung ihres Mannes ein neues Leben zu beginnen“
Soap/ Scripted Reality
Cameraman Sat.1/filmpool
2012 “Familienfälle: Mutter will ihre Tochter aus Sex-Falle befreien“
Soap/ Scripted Reality
Cameraman Sat.1/filmpool
2012 arte Metropolis: Digital books Cameraman arte/ West­end TV
2012 Berlin Bread and Butter: Fashion label release [Watch video] Director, Editor Guerilla Styles
2011 10 years Information Centre Mobile Communication
Image film
Director of Photography hick-pix
2011 “Widerstand im Naturparadies:
Der Kampf gegen das AKW Kaminoseki”
Editor ZDF info/ West­end TV
2011 Reports about the earthquake and the nuclear catastrophe in Japan [Watch video] Cameraman, Editor ZDF/ West­end TV
2011 Reports about the uprising in Egypt and Libya: Several pieces for heute, heute journal, auslandsjournal, Was nun Nahost? etc. [Watch video] Cameraman, Editor, Lighting Cameraman (Studio Cairo) ZDF/ West­end TV
2011 Berlin Fashion Week
Promo-Trailer [Watch video]
Cameraman, Editor Munich Fashion TV/ Agentur Stadtgespräch
2010 State visit Mari Kiviniemi Cameraman MTV3/Storytime Oy (Finland)
2010 “Anares” – CO2 free aircraft Cameraman Discovery Channel/ Westend TV
2009 “We are family special:
Ossi meets Wessi”
Cameraman Pro7/
Joker TV
2009 “Tangerine Dream live in Berlin”
Concert film [Watch video]
First Cameraman,
bb Film
2009 “Die Superlehrer”
Cameraman Sat.1/
2009 “Škoda Velothon Berlin 2009”
Image film
First Cameraman Škoda/Gate Communication
2009 “Tag in Nachtgestalt”
Music video [Video ansehen]
First Cameraman Coen
2008 “Die Tierambulanz”
First Cameraman RTL/Joker Entertai­nment
2008 “Tangerine Dream live in Eindhoven”
Concert film
First Cameraman, Steadicam bb Film
2008 “Schattenkrieg in Thailand: Die Witwenfarm”
krossover Media
2007 “Susan – Familienhilfe mit Herz”
Cameraman RTL
2007 “The Art of Seduction”
fictional short film/ dance film [Watch video]

Screenplay, Director, Camera, Steadicam, Editor

2007 “Asante Sana” Promotional Trailer
World Music Company
New Year’s Eve Show [Watch video]
Camera, Editor Henn Promotion
2006 various live broadcasts (News) Cameraman
2006 Elections in Saxony-Anhalt
Live reporting
2006 “Tangerine Dream live in Berlin”
Concert film
bb Film
2006 “viva live”
2005 “Gala Glamour Days”
Image film / Promotional Video Clip
Editor Eduscho/
W. Shandwick
2005 shot various interviews and concerts, such as REM, Snoop Dogg, The Game Cameraman MTV
2005 “Usher – All About Your Fear”
fictional short film
acm pictures
2004 various work for “nano” (science magazine) and “aspekte” (cultural magazine) Cameraman 3sat
2004 “MTV-Designerama: Behind the Scenes” Cameraman MTV
2003 various work and pieces for “Panorama” (political magazine) Cameraman ARD
2003 various work and pieces for “Zapp” (media magazine) Cameraman NDR
2003 “30th Berlin Marathon”
Image video for smart cars
Cameraman smart/
luxure filmprod.
2003 Covering the war in Iraq (Gulf War II) [Watch video] Cameraman, Editor ZDF
2002 “Joy’s House – Reisen zu sich und anderen”
Documentary about tourism and Aids in Thailand [Watch video]
Cameraman krossover Media
since 2002 Frequently covering news,
mostly federal politics
Cameraman ZDF
2002 “Last Supper”, fictional short movie Nomination on Rhode Island International Film Festival, USA [Watch video] Producer, Screenplay, Cameraman, filmriss
2001 “Spinner, Spanner, Aussteiger: Deutsche in Phnom Penh”
Documentary about Germans in Cambodia
Cameraman RTL2
2001 “Das Kloster der Opiumpfeife”
Documentary about drug addicts in a monastery in Thailand
Cameraman a-verbal
since 2000/2001 Covering news Camera assistant ZDF
2000 “Theresienstadt – Die Reise” and
“Theresienstadt – Fragmente einer Reise” (Berlinale 2000) Documentary about school children visiting the former concentration camp of Therezin, Czechnia
Cameraman Eikon Film
2000 shot about 80 personal portraits, about 3 minutes each,
for daily show on singles
Cameraman tm3
2000 “Klinikum Berlin Mitte” Internship Sound Pro7
1988–1999 Participated in various no-budget-productions