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Bernhard Beutler, Cameraman

Bernhard Beutler, Cameraman

Poster of the documentary “Joaquin La Habana – LivingBetweenWorlds“

Documentary: Joaquin La Habana – LivingBetweenWorlds – won the award as “Best film by a German filmmaker or a filmmaker residing in Germany” by the film festival XXIX. Black International Cinema

Bernhard Beutler is a member of BVFK, the German Association of Television Cameramen:

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and certified cameraman (BVFK):

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My name is Bernhard Beutler, I’m a freelance and award-winning cameraman, cinematographer, and Steadicam operator in Berlin. My company filmriss (freely translated as “film cracks”) was established 2000 in Berlin and since then it's operating successfully in producing and providing production services for film and TV.

Mainly, I depict real life: TV magazines, reports, news, documentaries, and the like. I’m familiar with TV formats such as docu-soaps and scripted reality, and I’m successfully telling fictional stories.

I have satisfied a wide variety of TV stations, both German and international: For ZDF, 3sat, arte, viva, ARD, NDR, MTV, MTV3 (Finland), RTL, PRO7, and Discovery Channel I shot, broadcast, and edited at many places in the world.

I also report from areas of crisis and war zones, which I am specially trained for.

On a regular basis, I take part in trainings and workshops in order to stay up-to-date with latest developments of my craft. For instance, I’m firm in high-definition production, thus being able to do high profile scenic production in HD.

I was taught Steadicam by Curt Schaller, bvk, attended HD master class with Michael Ballhaus, ASC, learned light design with Wolfgang Treu, bvk – to mention just a few.

I’m always looking for new challenges, for faces showing the traces of lived life, whose story I might tell, whom I might put into the right light.

Unemployed people in run-down areas, prostitutes in Cambodia, witch craft in Africa or the tired face of a chancellor – they all have pictures and stories worth telling. The audience in a cinema, the family at supper – they all want to be entertained, to be informed, to be filled with wonder and delight.

I’m looking forward to exceptional documentaries, weird shorts and thrilling features, high-profile music videos and many films more to be produced – together with you?

Life is worth living. Lived life is worth to be shown.