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Bernhard Beutler at the digital Arri

Bernhard Beutler at the digital Arri

Bernhard Beutler broadcasts live from the catastrophe area of Tacloban, Philippines

Live broadcast out of the catastrophe area of Tacloban, Philippines

Bernhard Beutler is a member of bvfk:

Logo bvfk Bundesverband der Fernsehkameraleute


For you to get an impression by yourself, you find examples of my work here.

A showreel of cameramen often is a mix-up of many colourful pictures, dubbed with synthesizer music. I find that boring and it doesn’t tell you much. To the contrary, here you find work examples that illustrate how I solved the specific task. Look and enjoy!

Clicking on a picture that interests you gets you to the video.

The clips are sorted by:


The Art of Seduction

Standbild aus dem Film "Die Kunst der Verführung"

Fictional dance short film, produced by filmriss.
[more information about the film]

Tangerine Dream Live in Berlin

Tangerine Dream live in Berlin

A concert of the band Tangerine Dream, produced by bb Film, my task was the Steadicam on stage.


My Own Free Way

Scene from My Own Free Way

The music video to „My Own Free Way“ from the CD of the same title, shot in Berlin and Cuba.

Asante Sana

Mariamu Morris singt Asante Sana

A performance of World Music Company, among others with Mariamu Morris (picture), in front of Siegessäule in Berlin.

Coen – “Tag in Nachtgestalt”

Tag in Nachtgestalt

Music video of the German band Coen, shot in two days in a swimming bath in Berlin, here in a shortened version.


Fashion, Image Film

Fashion Trailer 1

Model at a photo shooting

A product presentation of a cell phone manufacturer, at which occasion young fashion designers presented their creations

Fashion Trailer 2

Fashion presentation

The introduction of two new fashion labels at the Bread and Butter-Berlin fashion fair

Documentations, News, Reports

Joaquín La Habana – LivingBetweenWorlds

Joaquin La Habana, LivingBetweenWorlds - In Concert Lady

A documentary about the singer, dancer and entertainer Joaquín La Habana [more information about the film]

Merkel’s Election

Angela Merkel erwartet ihr Wahlergebnis

A news clip for ZDF

frontal21 – Vattenfall at Schools

Braunkohleabbau in der Lausitz

A piece for the investigative ZDF news magazine frontal21.

International Work and War Zones

Kurdish independence in Iraq

Demonstration of Kurdish people in Iraq

An edit of news pieces about the claim for Kurdish independence in Iraq.

Revolution in Egypt

Mustafa sieht auf den Tahrir-Platz in Kairo

A reportage from Tahrir square in Kairo – day 1 after the revolution in Egypt.

Nuclear Catastrophe in Japan

A family in Japan gets close

A family in Japan gets close: A report from Japan about the effects of the nuclear catastrophe in Fukushima on ordinary people

Prostitution and Violence in Cambodia

Eine Prostituierte in Kambodscha

A report about violence in Cambodia, shot with “small equipment” which means we were working under cover.

Aids in Thailand

Eine Thai-Frau

This film tells about the fight against Aids in Thailand.

Short films

Last Supper

Szenenphoto aus Abendmahl - der Darsteller sitzt festlich gekleidet an einem Tisch

Our first short, bringing us a nomination for a film prize.
[more information about the film]

The Art of Seduction

see above under Steadicam

A Perfect Heist

Szenenfoto – drei Männer planen einen Raub

A student film by Paul Becker – the “perfect” heist turns out not to be so perfect at all…